Joel Highsmith

Mayor & Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 307-876-2515

A little about myself and my Family.  My parents with my younger sister Marie and myself moved to Shoshoni in 1962 from Edgar Montana.  My father was the Mayor of Shoshoni from 1969 to 1976.  My Wife’s Grandfather (widowed) with his two youngest children moved to Shoshoni in 1949.  I married my wife, Kathy Babcock in April 1972.  We purchased our first home in Shoshoni in 1973.   We moved in 1989 from Shoshoni, but never far.  We lived Dubois, Casper and Riverton Wyoming.   We made the decision to return in 2007.  We purchased our current home in 2007, remodeled the home and moved into it in 2009 as Shoshoni is where we planned to retire.  

Presently two of our Daughters live in Shoshoni.  We have many family members living in Shoshoni and the surrounding area.  We have three surviving Daughters, twelve Grandchildren and four Great Grandchildren.

I am currently a semi-retired Drilling Consultant oil the oil and gas industry

I enjoy family time.  We hunt, shoot, race cars and enjoy time together.   I am a member of the Masons and I am a Shriner.  I belong to Wind River lodge #25 in Shoshoni and the Kalif Shrine in Sheridan Wyoming.  I also belong to the Shoshoni Rifle Club and I am a Special advisor to the club.  I am a Life member of the NRA, Wyoming Shooting Association and North American Hunting Club.  I participated in the Shoshoni one Shot Deer Hunt for 25 years.  I also belong to the Shoshoni Chamber of Commerce.  

I own a car (GRIZZ) that set a World Speed Record for a Gen 3 Hemi in 2015 with my daughter Samantha Driving at the Mojave Magnum in Mojave California.  The speed was 212.7 MPH with many family members present.  GRIZZ has won many awards and as many as 20+ family members have been present.  Grizz has won awards in seven states.

I have served on Shoshoni City Council 2010,2011,2012,2017, and 2018

I am on the Legislative Board for Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM).  I am also on the board of Fremont County Association of Government (FCAG)

The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership promotes the following ten principles to live by. I believe these are good guidelines not only for businesses, but Government and for nonprofit organizations.

1. Live each day with courage

2. Take pride in your work

3. Always finish what you start

4. Do what has to be done

5. Be tough, but fair

6. When you make a promise, keep it

7. Ride for the brand

8. Talk less and say more

9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale

10. Know where to draw the line.

My Goals for Shoshoni while in office.

  • Continue the good work that the previous Governing body set into motion.  Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Facility, safe route to schools, sewer lines, gun range, and town clean-up.  The town must lead by example.
  • Address our aging Water system.  We must prepare for the future with our Water system.  This includes looking at our wells, our transmission lines to the water tank, and lines to the town.

  • To continue to work with the School District on projects.  This include a School Resource Officer at Shoshoni schools.

  • To assist the Senior Center with their goals.  They are a important part of our community and we need to work together.

  • Work with the fire department and EMT’s to enhance both.
  • Ordinance book update and Employee Handbook update.
  • Develop a Policy Guidebook for the Governing Body.
  • Continue the demolition of older building that are in unsafe and deteriorating conditions.   Encourage private owners to do the same.
  • To form Citizens committees with both governing body and citizens members to help the town moving forward.  This will help us identify our assets that we have in Shoshoni and how to utilize them.  We have a lot of talent with interest in Shoshoni beside the five elected officials.
  • Economic Development.  That is a simple statement, but we must aggressively look at many options.   This may include looking outside the box of what is considered norm.
  • To assist with Moneta Divide project with other towns and government officials.  This Project has the potential to bring much economic development for not only Shoshoni, but to all of Fremont County and the state.
  • To continue the working relationship that the past governing body developed with other communities in the county and the county government.

Be open with the people about the governing process. Keep the citizens involved.


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