2017 Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 the Sun, moon and earth will align causing the moon to pass between the sun and earth casting a shadow upon the earth's surface.  The moon's shadow, also known as the path of totality will pass across eleven states from Oregon to South Carolina.

Wyoming is among one the top most popular hotspots for eclipse viewing since it offers open spaces and the best weather.  Why Wyoming?  In August there is very little cloud cover over Wyoming.  Not only that, Wyoming's elevation, allows the sun's rays to penetrate the atmosphere better, this eliminates the potential for obstruction from haze, fog, and smoke. 

Shoshoni, Wyoming sits almost directly in the path of totality.  First contact will be at 10:20 AM with totality to start at 11:29 AM.  The expected duration of totality is expected to be 2.22 minutes and final contact is 1:01 PM.

Our citizens are excited to share this experience with out-of-town guests and have been preparing to make this historic event a safe and fun experience for you and your family.  We are offering a limited number of spaces for dry camping for a small fee.  For more information about our camping options.
If you don't plan to camp, we will also have open areas for guests to sit.  Many will not offer shade so please plan ahead to bring shade and wear sun screen.

It is dangerous to stare directly at the sun for any period of time.  Do not use sunglasses, binoculars or telescopes during the eclipse.  Plan ahead to have proper solar viewing glasses for the event (see eye safety).  We will have a limit number of glasses available.

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