Desk of the Mayor

As the new year is upon us I just wanted to say a few words and update you on the town’s direction during the coming year. Over the last six years the town’s focus has been to update our sewer systems. Approximately 3 million dollars has been spent replacing old sewer lines throughout town and we are currently 75 percent complete. We are only one big project away from completion! During the coming year, we are working to acquire grant money to finish the sewer system.

Once the sewers are completed the town will begin planning for the installation of paved streets. This process will address the installation of critical drainage systems around town that will need to be installed before any new road construction begins.

The other big project is Main Street which we are continuing with the remediation process and working towards the removal of the dilapidated buildings. The objectives I have outlined above are just the major issues concerning the town. We are continually working on the normal day to day issues and will continue to deal with them as they arise.

If you are having problems or have concerns in your neighborhood, please come forward and let us know so they can be resolved. We offer several ways you can get in touch with us. You may stop by Shoshoni Town Hall during regular business hours Monday through Friday 8 to 4. Give us a call at 307.876.2515. We are also available via email, our addresses are available under Staff Directory (

Scott Peters
Shoshoni Mayor